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My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Wow, I successfully made it through 3 months without buying clothes. This is a big deal! In fact, in the final 2 weeks of August when I was meant to plan my spring capsule, I didn't even want to shop. But if I am honest, after the first click "Add to Cart", I was back in the game! 

I knew this capsule would be one of the hardest to plan for. Without a word of a lie the first day of spring was utterly perfect, the next it was snowing... I wanted to remove some of my heavy knits and replace them with a fun off the shoulder top and casual tees. A few of the jackets have remained for those early morning coffee runs, and then some shorts thrown in for the sunny afternoons. 

My winter capsule was perfect. I never found I was lacking any sort of item and remained content with each piece until the end. But I am happy I have added some new things into the mix. 

Once again, I will share where you can find most pieces - especially the new ones! But first, let's take a look at the whole wardrobe:


Right, this time I will talk budget. I have to stress I am all about quality over quantity. I am happy to spend money on clothes that are designed and made well. I know they will last me 1, 2 or even 3 seasons. I set my budget at $450. Once again, the goal is to spend less each time around. So I can only wait to see if I can achieve this. I actually came in $10 under budget until I decided I wanted something a little different for a special birthday this month. So finished up spending slightly over but I think this capsule is set up perfectly to lead into summer. Below is where you can shop most pieces, or what I have brought this season*.

Long Sleeve Dress  /  Striped Shorts  /  Boyfriend Tee  /  Striped Singlet
Grey Layer Top*  /  Grey Singlet  /  Sweatshirt  /  B&W Stripe 

Black Shell Tee  /  Harem Pant*  /  Puffer Vest  /  Black Denim
Black Singlet  /  Leather Jacket  /  Puffer Jacket  /  Army Jacket

Distressed Denim  /  Chambray Shirt  /  Chambray Shorts  /  Playsuit*
Nike Roshe  /  Black Wedges  /  Nude Heals  /  Leather Ankle Boots

Running Shoes  /  White Converse  /  White Wedges  /  White Sandals

As with my Winter Capsule, if there isn't a link it was last season or even the one before! 

Interested in creating your own capsule? Check out all the amazing tools available to do so at UN-FANCY!

I would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment.



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