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Capsule Update : Unlimited Accessories

I am officially 6 weeks into my first ever Capsule Experiment. I thought this was a good time to take stock of this journey and update you on the experience so far.

I really thought I would get to a point, as I have with every other wardrobe, where I just hated the sight of it. But it hasn't happened! I do believe it's because of my change in attitude towards it. I knew this was it for 3 months. I took my time to build and craft it into a collection that I loved. It sounds like an art doesn't it? But I truly think when you put time and love into something, you get nothing but that back? I can not recommend it enough. 

I really haven't once had the urge to shop. But there maybe a small secret to that. The rules of a Capsule is that there is no limitation on accessories. This means I can have all the scarves, hats and stacking rings my little heart desires! I had the opportunity to add some of the most beautiful pieces from the Michael Hill collection to my Capsule accessory list. They are so delicate, feminine and add that beautiful sense of minimalism to my outfits.

Take a peek below at some of my favourite capsule accessories...



Seriously, how beautiful are these? That patterned sterling silver ring will always have a place in my heart! You can shop these stunning pieces via the links below.


Thank you all so much for the positive feedback I received after my initial Capsule blog post. It was heart warming. Did you start your own capsule? Has it been successful? I'd love to know, leave me a message!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own.

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