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My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

So a few weeks back, I put up an awe-inspiring wardrobe image on Instagram and said I was going to do a Capsule. I had had enough of pouring over my clothes, throwing them on the floor and screaming "I have nothing to wear!" The response I received was huge. And that was it, I was committed. It turned out to be the most refreshing and inspiring wardrobe clean I have ever done. I wake each day excited to choose my outfit, knowing each piece is comfortable, quality and ME! 

I can not remember what my initial search was that brought me to the Capsule Experiment, but I found this gorgeous site, UN-FANCY. I printed off the Capsule Planner and got to work. 

Having had little Carter 7 months ago, my lifestyle had gone through a rather huge shake up! I found my wardrobe consisted of the beautiful clothes from when I worked in the city, some odd pieces from a trend I must of jumped on and other impractical pieces. As per the instructions in the planner, I broke my lifestyle down.

All that spelt out PRACTICAL, COMFORT + MODERN. I need those pieces I can dress up when I am meeting clients and then dress down with a simple boyfriend t-shirt for the remainder of the week. Even though my studio is based at home, I still need to sit at my desk as though I have walked into a studio in the middle of Melbourne CBD. It motivates me to produce good work. It's a winning combo! 

As soon as I removed those unnecessary pieces, my style was just hanging there, staring me in the face. There was an overwhelming amount of stripes and neutrals but they all work so well, and I was in love. My capsule consists of 36 items. I did need to purchase a bit this time around considering last winter I had the added bump. It was all about quality over quantity and really investing in timeless pieces I just loved.

The real challenge for me now, and the whole point of this experiment is to not purchase clothes until it's time to build my Spring Capsule. Which, with our New Zealand weather, will include so much of my current one.  

Below I will share where you can find most pieces, but first, let's take a look at the whole wardrobe:  


Quite a few of these items are several seasons old which was actually brilliant for my wallet! And probably my marriage. So there won't be a link to them. I won't talk budget because my husband will read this at some point. But the aim is to spend less on each capsule and invest in quality. Below is where you can shop most pieces, or what I brought this season.


White Shell Tee  /  White Singlet  /  White Long Sleeve  /  Cream Sweater

Grey Pants  /  Long Sleeve Dress  /  Slouch Jersey  /  Jamie Kay Long Sleeve Stripe


Puffer Vest  /  Black Shell Tee  /  Belle + Beau Long Sleeve B&W Stripe  /  Relaxed Pant
Black Singlet  /  Sweater Tunic  /  Sweatshirt  /  Distressed Black Denim


Puffer Jacket  /  Leather Jacket  /  Light Cotton Jacket  /  Canvas Army Jacket
Nike Roshe  /  Black Wedges  /  Nude Heals  /  Leather Ankle Boots


Running Shoes  /  White Converse  /  White Wedges  /  White Sandals

Basically if there isn't a link it was last season or even the one before! 

I have to say a special mention to Claire from Belle + Beau for the gorgeous additions to my capsule. You can shop her entire, beautiful organic cotton collection here. And to the utterly gorgeous ladies at Jamie Kay for their organic stripe long sleeve top. Wardrobe essentials!

Interested in creating your own capsule? Check out all the amazing tools available to do so at UN-FANCY!

I would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment.