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Friday 5! ..05.09..

Happy Weekend Eve!

8 days before I officially launch the XO Collection of wedding stationery. The work I will produce in the next week will blow my mind apart. Im pretty excited about that. Can't wait to finally share what I have been doing the past few months! 

Hope you have all had a safe and busy week, here is what floated my boat...


1. I just recruited my Ma to knit me one of these! I am in LOVE! I can't kill this one...


2. This will be Mo and I, on a crisp morning, wearing socks and reading books. 


3.  Always be yourself.


4. Summer + blonde.


5. Loving the stamped effect. Simple. Organic.


Fathers Day on Sunday! I will be spending it with my Pa in the beautiful city of Tauranga.

Happy weekend X

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