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Friday 5! ..22-08..

Hi Friday!

I missed you.

It has been a beautiful winters week here in Taupo! I have spent it catching up on work after a crazy start to the month. Time to shift my focus on to the Wedding Fair being held in Whakatane on the 14th September, if you are in or around that area make sure you pop in and say hi! I will be launching my XO Collections stationery range. Oooo la la. 

This weeks Friday 5! includes cronuts and bearded men. I wont hold you in suspense any longer.


1. Nothing beats a great felt hat! 


2. I am a huge fan of white space. Stripping something back to the bare essentials. Also Eva Black, her work is just perfect. Always.


3.  Cronut AND pistachios. I would buy this. And then place it on a shelf. And then just enjoy it's beauty. 


4. Incredible how one single shape can be so effective?


5. WOW. That is a really great t-shirt.


Happy Weekend


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