Make Hey


Friday 5! ..25-07..

Hey Hey!

Welcome back Friday...

I never realised until creating this weeks Friday 5! my love for the colour green. Or is it the organic nature of it? Texture and comfort? Whether it is introduced into your workspace, home or wardrobe I think everyone should have a little bit somewhere.

Exciting weekend ahead for the Johnson house. I am painting. I say this with a massive grin. I have had to live with a massive red feature wall for too long. The day has come to wave goodbye to that puppy. Hello white. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of a mini makeover in your own home! 

Maybe I will post some pics...

Until then,



1. Stable wardrobe must have. Khaki comforts + grey. 


2. Is this paradise?


3.  Weatherboard makes my heart flutter.


4. BEST wall paper ever! The kids are pretty cute too, I guess.


5. You will make babies.


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