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Friday 5! ..11-07..

Happy Friday!

Winter is well untruly starting to settle in here, our first winter experience in Taupo. We were warned by everyone it will get cold, sadly I know the worst is yet to come! However, I find myself grateful we live and work in an environment where client meetings and catch ups can be at your local over coffee in front of their fire! 

Here is a sneak peak at what got my attention this week...


1. Are these not the best tiles you have ever seen in your life? These float my boat like nothing has before. 


2. Not sure if I like the hat or the baby...? Ill stick with the hat for now.


3.  Word.


4. It wouldn't be a Friday without a little palm leaf action.


5. Minimalism. I like.


Click the pic to see more of my pinning addiction. Have a great weekend!

Kate x

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