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Friday 5! ..19.12..

Happy Friday before Christmas!

This day had finally arrived! The family is slowly trickling in and Christmas is just around the corner.


The festoon lights went up this afternoon and my final presents are wrapped and waiting under the tree. I am really looking forward to our simplified day and relaxing with the family who are travelling to spend the day with us in Toe Paw.

I will be taking some time away from the studio and will officially be on holiday from today through to 12th January.

Thank you so much to all those who I have had the up most pleasure in working with this year and to all the support and Friday 5! followers. We will be back next year, guns blazing!

Happy holidays and stay safe,



1. Mr and Mrs Johnson. Te hehehe.   


2. Perfect bundle.


3. Oh the hat! 


4. Sometimes we need a reminder.


5. Mini studio.


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