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Friday 5! ..10.10..

Welcome back Friday... I missed you!

Today's board has travelled to Vegas, via L.A, through Scandinavia and finishes in what I wish was my living room! I am in LOVE with terracotta pots, cacti, and that branch. Have you ever heard of branch weaving? This weekend I am going to locate the perfect branch and give this a whirl. Check out the full post here on the Free People blog. In fact, that entire site is full of indescribable goodness!

Check out my favourites this week, kindly brought to you by caffeine, and chocolate. A whole lot of chocolate...


1. If I owned this, I would wear it out for breakfast.


2. Simplicity never fails.


3. Yay! Wine!


4. Watercolour. Cacti. Succulents. Buck Wild. 


5. Branch weaving. Styling perfection.


Happy weekend y'all! 


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