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Carter J turns One

We made it through the first year.

Motherhood through me more curveballs than I ever imagined possible. It was like the first day in a new job. You have no idea how you got the job to begin with, what exactly you should be doing or where you should eat your lunch. Except your boss is this 3 kilo dictator and you wouldn't dare take a sick day! Nor would you want to. 

Carter's birthday was a chance for us to celebrate the fact we did make it through those interesting first 12 months and to thank all our family and friends for their tremendous support. For that, we will be forever grateful! 

I was able to put together a sweet, simple afternoon celebration thanks to some wonderful people. Enjoy the photos and be sure to follow the other exceptional businesses that joined in on the fun!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Boy!

Photography: Jessica Lee Photography / Venue: Storehouse / Styling, Florals, & Stationery: Make Hey  / Cakes: Baked with Love / Macarons: J’aime les macarons

We were delighted to have Carter's party featured on 100 Layer Cakelet. You can see their lovely write up here.


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The Mini Kitchen Reno - Part One

This is the space I have dreamt about since we stepped foot in our first home and I had big plans! Sadly, our budget nor my husband (Matt) tended to agree with those, so I had to get creative. I love a challenge! Especially when it is laid down by Matt and involves the words "you won't get that result with what we are prepared to spend". Ha! Yes, Matt, yes I can... It is amazing what you can achieve with a little research, the help of some knowledgeable people and a paint brush! 

The kitchen is in its final stages of completion. I am waiting for our tiles to arrive in the country before our tradie can get to work on putting those up and I am still contemplating what to do with the oven.

I took some before photos and will sneak one in below so you can see the space I am working with. It is large and light filled and for that I am so grateful! 

While I wait for those last pieces of my beautiful puzzle to come together, here is a mood board of the design elements I have used...


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Ready for a little before preview? Just to warn you, it looks like a goodie gumdrops ice-cream exploded in there...

That mint green and the missing door!

That mint green and the missing door!

I will do a full before and after post once it is complete so you can see the result. I am utterly blown away! And you won't believe what I spent to do it. Be sure to check back in and see the final result!


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My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Wow, I successfully made it through 3 months without buying clothes. This is a big deal! In fact, in the final 2 weeks of August when I was meant to plan my spring capsule, I didn't even want to shop. But if I am honest, after the first click "Add to Cart", I was back in the game! 

I knew this capsule would be one of the hardest to plan for. Without a word of a lie the first day of spring was utterly perfect, the next it was snowing... I wanted to remove some of my heavy knits and replace them with a fun off the shoulder top and casual tees. A few of the jackets have remained for those early morning coffee runs, and then some shorts thrown in for the sunny afternoons. 

My winter capsule was perfect. I never found I was lacking any sort of item and remained content with each piece until the end. But I am happy I have added some new things into the mix. 

Once again, I will share where you can find most pieces - especially the new ones! But first, let's take a look at the whole wardrobe:


Right, this time I will talk budget. I have to stress I am all about quality over quantity. I am happy to spend money on clothes that are designed and made well. I know they will last me 1, 2 or even 3 seasons. I set my budget at $450. Once again, the goal is to spend less each time around. So I can only wait to see if I can achieve this. I actually came in $10 under budget until I decided I wanted something a little different for a special birthday this month. So finished up spending slightly over but I think this capsule is set up perfectly to lead into summer. Below is where you can shop most pieces, or what I have brought this season*.

Long Sleeve Dress  /  Striped Shorts  /  Boyfriend Tee  /  Striped Singlet
Grey Layer Top*  /  Grey Singlet  /  Sweatshirt  /  B&W Stripe 

Black Shell Tee  /  Harem Pant*  /  Puffer Vest  /  Black Denim
Black Singlet  /  Leather Jacket  /  Puffer Jacket  /  Army Jacket

Distressed Denim  /  Chambray Shirt  /  Chambray Shorts  /  Playsuit*
Nike Roshe  /  Black Wedges  /  Nude Heals  /  Leather Ankle Boots

Running Shoes  /  White Converse  /  White Wedges  /  White Sandals

As with my Winter Capsule, if there isn't a link it was last season or even the one before! 

Interested in creating your own capsule? Check out all the amazing tools available to do so at UN-FANCY!

I would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment.



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Capsule Update : Unlimited Accessories

I am officially 6 weeks into my first ever Capsule Experiment. I thought this was a good time to take stock of this journey and update you on the experience so far.

I really thought I would get to a point, as I have with every other wardrobe, where I just hated the sight of it. But it hasn't happened! I do believe it's because of my change in attitude towards it. I knew this was it for 3 months. I took my time to build and craft it into a collection that I loved. It sounds like an art doesn't it? But I truly think when you put time and love into something, you get nothing but that back? I can not recommend it enough. 

I really haven't once had the urge to shop. But there maybe a small secret to that. The rules of a Capsule is that there is no limitation on accessories. This means I can have all the scarves, hats and stacking rings my little heart desires! I had the opportunity to add some of the most beautiful pieces from the Michael Hill collection to my Capsule accessory list. They are so delicate, feminine and add that beautiful sense of minimalism to my outfits.

Take a peek below at some of my favourite capsule accessories...



Seriously, how beautiful are these? That patterned sterling silver ring will always have a place in my heart! You can shop these stunning pieces via the links below.


Thank you all so much for the positive feedback I received after my initial Capsule blog post. It was heart warming. Did you start your own capsule? Has it been successful? I'd love to know, leave me a message!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Mini Style Blog + MORI

I am delighted to share another beautiful collaboration with my latest clothing crush MORI, all the way from the UK. I was in love the minute this perfectly wrapped parcel arrived on my door step. I am a sucker for good packaging, you just know the treats inside are going to be breathtaking. And that they were. Here are some of the images I captured for them, which were shared by Mini Style Blog.

MORI was created with a mission to create the world’s best baby essentials. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to the finest detail, and ethically made by talented makers using fabrics which are kind to baby and the planet. MORI uses the softest organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, in neutral tones and uncomplicated designs, to simplify baby’s wardrobe and your journey through the early stages of parenthood.

MORI believes that changing the world starts by changing our own little corner of it. This is why their collection of luxury baby essentials are not only good for baby, but good for the planet too.

You can view their entire collection here.



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